Change Google/Haiku Password: STUDENT and STAFF Accounts

Students and Staff login to Haiku using a Single Sign On (SSO) process with Google (GAFE).  Students have a default password set upon account activation - this password is to be changed by the student prior to first use.  Instructions for changing this password are listed below.

Students and Staff are advised to change their passwords EVERY SIX WEEKS to retain security of their accounts.  
Click here for "How to Choose a Strong Password."

If you are a student or staff member, follow these steps to change your Haiku/Google password:

1. Login to the CUSD Google Login Page

2. Find your Username in the UPPER LEFT CORNER of the screen and click "Account"

Google Login Screen

3. Click on the "Security" Tab and then click "Change Password"

Google Security Tab

4. In the boxes provided, type in the CURRENT PASSWORD once, then type in your NEW PASSWORD in both the NEW PASSWORD box as well as the CONFIRM NEW PASSWORD box.

5. Click the "Change Password" button to complete the password change.

Google Change Password