CUSD Superintendent Search

The Governing Board of the Coronado Unified School District selected in January 2016 Hazard, Young, and Attea (HYA) Executive Search Services to assist the Board in its search for a new superintendent.  Dr. Joseph M. Farley and Mr. Larry Perondi, both long-time California educators and former superintendents, are working with the Board on the search process.  Click here to view the HYA website.


Public Forums

The Board wishes to thank all members of the community who met with Dr. Farley and Mr. Perondi to help identify the specific traits, skills, abilities, and experience desired in the new superintendent.  Three evening forums were scheduled for this process along with numerous personal interviews with community and school leaders and staff.


Leadership Profile Report for New Superintendent

The information in this report summarizes the consistent themes that the associates heard from stakeholders.  The themes emerged when multiple stakeholders, from multiple discussion groups, shared a similar idea or concept. A comprehensive list of all stakeholder comments, thoughts, and desired characteristics in a new superintendent, are presented at the end of this document.   Click here to see the entire report.


Comprehensive Search Process

Planning Phase (January/February)

HYA has customized the search for our next Superintendent according to the specific wishes of the Board. The changes desired during the search are discussed with and determined by the Board.  HYA has learned that one of the most crucial aspects of a successful search is the careful and explicit formation and enumeration of the criteria used in the selection process.  Their leadership assessment process has been highly successful in determining critical attributes.


Recruitment Phase (March/April)

A key factor of a successful search is effective marketing and assertive recruitment of successful individuals who fit the criteria determined by the board. To this end, HYA uses its extensive network of over 150 nation‐wide consultants to identify qualified individuals, and actively recruits them to consider this position. Identification and recruitment is done in a variety of ways.  Along with HYA’s extensive network of potential applicants, advertisements are placed in national, regional publications, and numerous websites.


The Selection Phase (April/May)

Upon completion of initial screening interviews, HYA presents a select slate to the Board. The number of candidates to be submitted is determined by the Board during the initial Planning Session. The Board may also determine which applications they wish to review.  Prior to presenting the slate, the consultants conduct a seminar for the Board designed to prepare it for candidate interviews. After the Board identifies a preferred candidate, HYA arranges for an independent investigative firm to conduct a comprehensive background check on the finalist, as well as arranging a visit to the finalist’s community in order to ensure that the Board’s research is as comprehensive as possible.


The Appointment Phase (May/June)

After the Board has selected its finalist and is satisfied with the successful completion of the due diligence review, its next step is to reach agreement on the contract terms to be offered.  After the successful candidate accepts the offer, HYA assists the Board in making the appropriate announcements and introducing the candidate to the community.

Regular Board Meeting - May 12, 2016, 4:00 PM, to announce and appoint the new Superintendent of CUSD.

The community is invited to "Meet & Greet" the new Superintendent on May 12th beginning at 3:00 PM.