Business Services

Business Services

CUSD Business Services Department

Business Services is committed to serving and enabling each student’s learning process.

The breadth of this department includes all financial matters and other services to staff and external vendors. All budgeting at the district and site levels originates with us as we are the experts on what money can be spent and where. This includes money from the state, city, grants, and donated funds. We manage the fixed assets of the district (buildings, land, etc.) as well as taking care of purchasing, shipping, receiving and inventory.

Also, we handle payroll for staff and ensure they continue to meet the high standards and requirements set by the Governing Board and State of California. We also oversee various other departments, such as Food Service, Maintenance, Operations, & Tranportation, and Child Care. Our primary role is serving as internal support for the district’s staff, but our most important role is to enable the staff to teach students at the highest levels.

Contact Us Contact Us

Donnie Salamanca
Senior Director of Business
201 Sixth Street
Coronado, CA 92118
(619) 522-8900 ext. 1016

Kathy Mulvey
Administrative Assistant
(619) 522-8900 ext. 1016

Angelica Paredes
District Accountant
(619) 522-8900 ext. 1018

Daniel Poli
(619) 522-8900 ext. 1023

Suzy Mitrovich
Accounts Payable 
(619) 522-8900 ext. 1020

Sharon Jimenez
Payroll, Student & Employee Attendance, TSA
(619) 522-8900 ext. 1011

Charity Johnson
Director, Child Nutrition Services
(619) 522-8907 ext. 2085