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Staff Email Login and Microsoft Office

CUSD Staff Microsoft Office 365

CUSD is transitioning to the use of Microsoft Office 365.  

Please see below for login instructions.

CUSD Email Login Instructions  

  1. Enter username:


  2. Enter network password
    (Contact Marshall Redding for password)

    Follow SPAM Email practices regularly to avoid unwanted SPAM Emails.  Click here for steps.

Notes for Microsoft Office 365 Users:
  • Note that there is a ".com" at the end of your Office 365 login username.
  • Your email address remains  The Office 365 login username is NOT your email address.
  • The Office 365 login for Outlook email, Word, Excel, and Power Point is the username.
  • BE SURE TO TURN OFF or MONITOR CLUTTER!  Click here to read more information.

How-To Training!

Click video tutorials below for how-to's:
(links will take you away from CUSD site)
How can I view and SHARE my calendar using the online Office 365 Outlook email program?
In the upper left corner, click the tile box.  You will see options, such as "People" (aka Contacts), as well as "Calendar."  Click Calendar to view your calendar.  

Outlook Screen Shot
To Share your calendar, Right Click on your calendar and click "Share Calendar" - follow on-screen instructions.
Outlook Shared Calendar Screen Shot
How do I know if I have been migrated to the new Office 365?  And after I migrate, where is my H Drive?
CUSD Staff is being migrated over to the new system in small groups.  By migrating staff over to the new Office 365 in groups, our Technology and TRT site support teams can assist those users and provide personalized support with quicker response times.  You will be informed via email prior to your migration to the Office 365 system.  The emails will also be copied to your site administrators, Technology Resource Teachers, and front office administrative assistants to ensure that someone on your school site is available with instructions for you.

Once you have been migrated, welcome to the Cloud!  Part of the Office 365 upgrade includes cloud storage of all of your files.  Your H Drive files will be completely copied over to the Office 365 OneDrive.  To find your OneDrive, go to "My Computer" and you will see your OneDrive as well as your Google Drive:

OneDrive and Google Drive Screen Shot   
You can access your OneDrive online from any computer!  After logging in to Office 365 online, Click the tile in the upper left corner of your screen and then click OneDrive.
OneDrive Tile Screen Shot
Change is so stressful!  Why is the district changing our software?
Microsoft Office has continued to update it's software over the years.  It has been quite some time since a significant update to the software has occurred.  The 2016 versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint look much different than versions past, but rest assured that the general functions of the program remain the same.  Video tutorials are provided on this page for help - they are quick to follow and will give you great tips to help you be successful in using the updated products.  
Why do we have both Google and Microsoft Office 365?
The CUSD District utilizes two programs - Google Apps for Education (Google Drive) and Microsoft O365 (Outlook email and software).  The purpose of using both is based in security - Google Apps for Education is the student learning environment. Microsoft O365 is the business environment.  

By using Google Apps for Education for students, the district has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment, storage, and support expenses.  The Google Apps for Education is an ideal software suite for students.  

For staff and business, such as budgets and requisitions and confidential email, the district has selected Microsoft Office 365 based on their privacy and backup policies for email retention.  Additionally, many businesses continue to use Microsoft products, and sharing files between the school district and these businesses continues to require the use of Microsoft Office products. 
So, what is my email address?  What is the difference between all these .net, .com, and .org addresses I have?
Each system has a specific login requirement.  We have been able to keep the same @coronadousd for each login, but each requires a unique "domain," thus causing the .org, .com, and .net accounts.  What really matters is to know which to use for what logins:
Program Username Password Notes
Google Drive Google Drive/Apps Password This is also your staff/student Haiku Login
Microsoft Office Outlook Your network password for logging on to district computers Your email address that people email you at remains
What email address do I give to people to email me?
The email address that people can send you email messages to remains the same.  There are two formats for your work email address:

    You will receive email in the same Outlook email Inbox for emails sent to either of the addresses listed above.  
Sometimes people mistakenly send email to my CUSD Google gmail account, the .org account.  How can I be alerted to emails sent to my CUSD Google gmail account without having to check that email inbox?
First, please communicate clearly to parents and students about exactly how they can contact you.  If you do not check your CUSD Google gmail email account, letting parents and students know this and informing them on your Haiku page of how to contact you will be very helpful.  You can also set up an automatic forwarding of your CUSD Google gmail account to your CUSD Outlook email Inbox.  Click here to follow the instructions to set up forwarding.
How do I change my password?
  • You must be on a district owned computer that connects to the district network. 
  • After logging in to the district network computer, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys at the same time.  
  • Select "Change a Password"  
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for changing a password.
  • Your Office 365 password may take up to 15 minutes to reflect the password change once you have completed these steps.