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Coronado Unified School District

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Committee to Analyze the Student Learning Environments (CASLE)

The Governing Board for Coronado Unified School District chartered an advisory group called the Committee to Analyze the Student Learning Environments (CASLE). This committee was formed as a response to questions and concerns regarding occasional high temperatures in classrooms without air conditioning.
Chaired by Trustees Lou Smith and Lee Pontes, CASLE includes community members with varying skills and interests as well as school site representatives. The committee will analyze the teaching and learning environment in CUSD classrooms, define suitable instructional conditions, and create a long-term, financially viable, and prioritized plan for addressing climate issues. The ultimate objective is providing a safe, comfortable learning environment for our students.
A comprehensive evaluation of all district buildings was conducted by Cumming Corporation in 2016. The report estimated that the cost to fully air condition all buildings would range from $21 to $27 million. Clearly this would be a huge challenge for our small district. The CASLE group will study the issue from multiple perspectives, gather facts to present to the board, and ultimately advise the Governing Board of short and long term solutions for their consideration.
Skilled or well-informed community members, teachers from each school site, and a student representative are participating in this critical process. It is envisioned that CASLE will meet for at least six to twelve months with a determination to be made later as to the possible need to extend the term of the committee.
The Governing Board looks forward to building a diverse, knowledgeable committee that will provide insightful advice and genuine solutions to this complex issue.  For questions on how to serve your community and district on this important team, contact Trustee Lee Pontes at  For additional information on this topic, please click the links below.