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Coronado Unified School District

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State and Local Assessments

CUSD Assessments

State and Local Assessments

We assess, or test, our students for one main purpose: to guide our instruction based on their strengths and needs. Some tests we are required to administer, and others we choose to give. Some give us information before instruction begins to ensure the proper placement or eliminate skills already mastered, some give us information along the way, and others show us the end result of learning over a longer period of time. All assessments help us provide a more personalized education plans for CUSD students. 

Local Assessments Required State Assessments 

Local Assessments Local Assessments

Formative assessments are used before and during instruction. They guide the teacher in planning and improving instruction, and the students in improving learning. Summative assessments let teachers and students know the level of accomplishment attained.   
Formative versus Summative