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CUSD WorkAbility Information

WorkAbility I (WAI) is a school-based transition program working to benefit students, employers, and the community at large by providing students vocational and career or technical training for the specific skills they will need when they enter the workforce. Participating in the program as an employer helps challenged young adults become productive members of our community and instills confidence and pride in inexperienced students to prepare them for life after high school.

Each of California’s 58 counties has at least one WAI Program that provides an array of services, including but not limited to:
  • Work readiness skills training
  • Assessment of vocational
  • Interests / aptitudes
  • Career awareness and exploration
  • Work experience and employment placement
  • Resume and interview preparation 
  • 2-year follow-up upon exiting
Through support from the California Department of Education, students receive comprehensive vocational assessment and training, and work experience. Students enjoy supportive and competitive worksite placement, and follow-up services. The program offers on-the-job training with no employer costs, and training wages for some students.

Click here to view Workability's Haiku Page!


Transition Supports

  • WAI promotes independent living and youth development through activities and experiences that help develop social, ethical, emotional, physical, and cognitive competencies
  • WAI provides students with training and resources that prepare them for successful transition to employment, continuing education and quality adult life training wages for some students.
WAI partners with various employers in the community to provide students with opportunities for work placement. Employers provide opportunity for experience, job responsibilities and a work mentor:
  • Pre-screened students are ready to learn and work
  • Workers’ interests/skills are matched to employers’ needs
  • Low risk / low cost job training
  • Students receive ongoing guidance and support services from school staff
If you are a local employer interested in partnering with CUSD's WorkAbillity Program, please email Bruce Reaves WorkAbility Job Coach for additional information:


WAI works with students through:
  • Enhancing pre-employment skills (i.e., resume, cover letter, mock interview)
  • Individualized job development
  • On-the-job work experience

WorkAbility Resources

Student Services Resources for Workability

Special Education

CUSD's WorkAbility Program has an extensive Haiku Page with information about summer employment, Community Scholarship Program, skills and what employers are looking for, resume tips, and other documentation to assist parents and students. Please visit Haiku to access all information. Below is a small sampling of resources available.
For those students who are not yet 18, the state of California does allow students to work by applying for a Minor Work Permit. Please look below for additional documents:

Focus on the Skills!

What Do Employers Really Want?
What are soft skills? These are transferable skills, and therefore can be used in many different types of jobs. The attitude and qualities you bring to a position can help you work well with others and make a positive contribution to the organizations you work for.
Find out what is most important to employers looking to hire students or others for entry-level jobs.

Resume Workshop

A resume is a short and descriptive document that is usually the first item an employee sees regarding you. Resumes are used in the job search process to network with others, to respond to job ads online or in newspapers, or to submit along with an application form. As an account of your work experience, education, and qualifications, the resume’s main purpose is to get you an opportunity to interview with the employer.
  • Length- One page will suffice for most resumes
  • Use one font throughout the document
  • Use BOLD to emphasize the most important features
  • Acceptable font size are 10-12
  • Be consistent with tabs, dates, and other formatting features
Click below for additional resume tools

Partner and Employer Information

CUSD wants to thank all of the businesses and organizations below. The partners below have been integral in presenting information to our high school students and assisting in job placements. We truly appreciate your support!
Island Pasta logo Coronado Training Center logo Coronado Playhouse logo
CBC logo Costa Azul logo PAWS logo
YMCA logo SDSU logo
NAS Commissary
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  Sea World logo Coronado Golf Course logo

If you are interested in partnering with our WorkAbility Program - please contact us for additional information. There are several ways to get involved and we look forward to working with you!