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Coronado Unified School District

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Public Service Announcements

A Public Service Announcement (PSA) is a great tool to use when education children/youth about a specific topic of discussion or to simply bring awareness to a group of people including parents, teachers, and administrators.
Below are several PSAs that can be used as discussion starters and examples for students to create their own.
  • Always preview the PSAs before showing them to assess for appropriateness for your specific student(s). 
  • Allow at least 5-10 minutes for discussion of each PSA, longer if time allows and students are engaged.
  • Do not show PSAs without a discussion to follow up. Students may misconstrue the actual meaning and message behind the PSA without a discussion.
  • Encourage students to share examples as they relate to the PSAs.
CUSD Literacy
Reading just 20 minutes a day exposes a person to 1.8 million words per year. 

Importance of Attendance

Students are more likely to succeed in academics when they attend school consistently.

Devices and Your Brain

Tope five reasons to power down your electronic devices.