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Distance Learning Plan

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The Coronado Unified School District is committed to making sure that students continue to experience the care and commitment of our teachers and staff, and the routine of robust daily learning, even in the event of school closures. We must acknowledge that our approach to distance learning cannot replicate the magic that happens when school is in session (the invaluable social interactions and mediation, real-time, in-person feedback, community and extracurricular events, and so on).  However, we do contend that quality learning can and will occur in CUSD from a distance!
The purpose of this document is to describe the actions CUSD is taking to continue instruction from a distance. We endeavor in our Distance Learning Plan (DLP) to accomplish the following four goals in grades TK-12 within a flexible framework:
  • Blended Online and Consumable Materials Content Delivery in Core and Elective Subjects
  • Equitable Access to Live Student-Teacher Contact Time
  • Monitoring Student Progress and Providing Individualized Feedback to Students
  • Opportunities for Enrichment, Social-Emotional Learning and Intervention
It is our intention with the DLP that we continue to live our mission, vision, and strategic long-range plan, which together assert that, in order to prepare Every Child, Every Day to be college and career ready, as well as respond to an ever-changing world, learning remains responsive, adaptive, personalized, and relationship-based.  The act of creating this DLP provides us with a unique opportunity to reinforce what we assert through our founding documents.

When will CUSD distance learning begin?

Distance learning for all students in grades TK-12 will begin on Monday, April 6th, following our calendared spring break.  On Monday, April 6th, all parents will receive an email with instructions related to accessing the DLP for each grade level or course. DLP documents will also be posted to the CUSD website on April 6th for ease of location and access as we do not at this time know when distance learning will cease, and students will return to their classrooms.

What is blended online and consumable materials content delivery?  

The DLP for each grade level and course will provide equity and access to core, standards-based competencies.  The learning activities and opportunities will range from accessing content through online platforms, to activities that require a textbook, novel, worksheets, specific supplies or other consumables.  Each grade level or content area teacher may reach out to you once distance learning commences with additional details relative to their lesson plans. Below is an example of what parents and students will receive on Monday, April 6th, relative to each grade level and course DLP:
  • Silver Strand & Village Elementary Grades TK-5: Locate your child’s grade level on the document and you will find the resources, links and how to locate the lesson plans for Reading, Math and Writing.  The complete document will be provided on April 6th. 
  • Coronado Middle School Grades 6-8:  Locate your child’s courses on the document and you will find the resources, links and how to locate the lesson plans for each course on your child’s schedule. The complete document will be provided on April 6th. 
  • Coronado High School Grades 9-12:  Locate your child’s courses on the document and you will find the resources, links and how to locate the lesson plans for each course on your child’s schedule.  The complete document will be provided on April 6th. 

How will my child receive equitable access to live student-teacher contact time?

Each teacher will provide specific, weekly time frames when they will hold ‘Office Hours’.  These office hours are designed to provide a specific time frame when students can access their teacher to ask questions and receive feedback on specific assignments.  Office hours will vary by subject area, grade level and teacher. Each individual teacher will communicate his/her office hours once distance learning begins on April 6th.  Additionally, office hours will be provided in various formats and may include email, telephone, or virtual meeting applications (ie: Zoom, etc.).  You are always welcome to contact your child’s teacher outside of their published office hours; however, teacher responses may take up to 48 hours.

How will my child’s teacher monitor student progress and provide individualized feedback to my child?

Teachers will monitor and provide feedback on all assignments that students turn in via PowerSchool, email or other applications. In the event that school closures are extended, the CUSD DLP will be updated to include how your student will be assessed and how final report card grades will be determined. 

How will my child receive opportunities for enrichment, continuous social-emotional learning, counseling services, intervention, special education services and English language development services?  

Each school level chart described above (released on April 6th) will provide information and links to enrichment opportunities and social-emotional learning exercises and lesson plans.  Additionally, if your child currently receives academic intervention services, special education services or English language development supports, there will be specific information for you relative to how these services and supports will continue with distance learning. 

What technology systems are required to support distance learning in CUSD and what technology assistance is available to our family and students?

With regard to CUSD’s core technological and communication systems, we offer the following to describe how we will manage and implement this DLP.  CUSD will continue to use the same channels it employs for normal day-to-day communications with parents, students and faculty/staff. All of these systems are remotely accessible and will function in an emergency situation, such as this.  The table below describes these systems:




Email or Edulink

Faculty, Staff, Parents, Students

Email or Edulink (automated phone calls) will be used for all major communications and announcements.  Faculty/teachers will also use email to communicate, although they will use other platforms to interact with their students as well.


Students across elementary and secondary schools

PowerSchool will continue to be the platform used by many teachers for communication and lesson plans.

Google GSuite

Students across elementary and secondary schools

Some teachers may choose to use the GSuite platform for communication and lesson plans.  Here is a parent guide for Google Classroom.


Students across elementary and secondary schools

Zoom is an online video conferencing platform that allows for group meetings, hosted by teachers. Some teachers may choose to use this platform. Minors do not and should not create a Zoom account.  You do not need an account to join a meeting. Teachers will send a Zoom invite code to join the meeting. Zoom overview video: Joining a Zoom Meeting - 1 min video link

Additionally, for privacy reasons, please do not take pictures of a Zoom meeting screen and post it to any public forum.

Public Website

General public

CUSD will maintain general information on its closure status for the public at

Other Applications

Students across elementary and secondary schools

CUSD faculty may incorporate other grade level and course specific applications into their lesson plans.  Specific application and login information will be included in the April 6th document and links,

Important Links for Assistance with Technology for Students and Parents

Students and Parents

Video guiding parents through using PowerSchool:

Two page printable handout for parents to help with logging into each system:

Two page printable handout for students to help with logging into each system:


How will CUSD ensure that students have access to these tools from off campus?

Students in grades TK-12 will have the option of checking out a CUSD Chromebook if they do not already have a device at home.  With the implementation of the CUSD DLP, it is our priority to ensure that every student has access to a device, if that is what is required in order to have access to the DLP curricula.  If you do not have a device at home, please complete the following form to request a CUSD device:

What is my child’s CUSD Computer/Google/Username and Password?

Username and Password Format

Example Student Name and ID


First name and then the first initial of your last name and then the last three numbers of your student ID. No spaces.


csd followed by your entire student ID.  


Jonathan Smith

Student ID Number:  8500345



What are some guidelines for Parents to support distance learning?

  • Establish routines and expectations
  • Define the physical space for your child’s study
  • Monitor communications from your child’s teachers
  • Begin and end each day with a check-in
  • Take an active role in helping your child process and own their learning
  • Establish times for quiet and reflection
  • Encourage physical activity and/or exercise
  • Remain mindful of your child’s stress or worry
  • Monitor how much time your child is spending online
  • Keep your child social, but set rules around their social media interactions
The Coronado Unified School District is grateful for the unwavering support of our entire school community during this difficult time.  We remain focused and committed to ensuring that Every Child, Every Day continues to receive quality learning experiences that are rigorous, inspirational and provide opportunities to thrive, even from a distance!