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School Safety

School Safety
Emergencies are rarely expected, but we can be prepared if we work together. All schools have a Comprehensive Site Safety Plan. Training and frequent drills allow quick response to emergencies, whether man-made or natural, and provide a safeguard for students, staff, and visitors. Parents can feel confident that the Coronado Unified School District works closely with police, fire, and other emergency authorities to ensure the safety of your child. 
In the event of an emergency, the Coronado Unified School District will share information and updates as quickly as possible. Remember:
  • Stay calm. Remember; most emergency actions are precautionary.
  • Monitor, CUSD social media, and local alerts.
  • Check your email, voicemail and text messages for urgent messages from the school or district.
  • Please do not call or go to your child's school, unless instructed.
  • Do not call your child. Staff/students are to text instead of call during emergencies.
  • Please be aware that students may only be released to individuals listed on the emergency card. Identification is required to check out a student after an emergency or natural disaster.
Emergencies are rare, but we can be prepared if we work together.
Provide accurate emergency contact information to your child's school and notify the school of changes.
Bookmark, your school web page(s), and CUSD social media sites.
Talk with your child about following instructions and how they can report emergencies.

Emergency Resources

For your information and convenience, here are several local emergency resources:
  • Emergency: 911
  • Coronado Police Department (non-emergency): (619) 522-7350 
  • Coronado Fire Department (non-emergency): (619) 522-7374
  • CUSD Non-Emergency (security concerns) Email: