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Student Safety

CUSD Student Safety

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Safe Driving, Biking, and Walking

As parents, students, educators, and the police work together to ensure a safe arrival to and from school for our children, we strongly encourage everyone to drive safely, keeping your eyes open for children on bicycles, skateboards, or walking. Coronado Police officers are actively enforcing the CA Vehicle Code and local City Ordinances to ensure the safety of our children.

Safe Routes to School Program

Our District recognizes that walking and bicycling to school promote students' physical activity and reduce vehicle traffic and air pollution around our schools. As part of the District's support of student wellness and safety and enhancing student learning, we have developed and implemented strategies designed to promote safe routes to school and related safe routes to school program activities.
We have collaborated with the City of Coronado and the State of California in the development, implementation, and evaluation of these strategies.  These strategies are based on the grade levels of the students and an assessment of the conditions and needs of each school and the surrounding neighborhoods. 
The City of Coronado has obtained grant funds to support these related strategies, projects, and activities.  The “Safe Routes to School Education Project” (Project) will acquire data on all of the Coronado public schools and use that data to develop education programs for students, parents, and educators.  These programs will greatly enhance the safety of not only the families, but also the entire Coronado community. Coronado was one of 14 out of the 55 applicants from our region that received a grant.  The grant is for $36K to bring in a specialized non-profit to conduct student and parent bicycle safety workshops and hands-on trainings/rodeos for students at Coronado Unified.

Delete these Apps!

Many online websites and Apps are excellent tools for learning and instruction.  However, some websites and Apps are disruptive and can make students vulnerable to cyberbullying.  CUSD recommends deleting the following Apps and blocking the following websites from student devices.
  • Burnbook 
    Why?  Burnbook permits anonymous posts and has been used inappropriately in other schools in San Diego County.   
  • YikYak
    Why?  YikYak permits anonymous posts.   

Online Reputation Management for Students

For many students, the Internet is a virtual playground. It is a place to connect with friends, explore interests, and even study for school. Approximately 33% of all students report that they’re constantly connected to social media outlets such as Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter. Some students are sharing large parts of their lives online, from their weekend plans to photos of their latest lunch. Right now, it may seem like you’re just chatting with friends, but what you’re really doing is laying the foundation for your online reputation.
What are they saying about you?
A guide has been developed as part of a nonprofit initiative to assist high school students in protecting their online reputation while searching for colleges.  Many universities search online and social media platforms such as Facebook to 'research' potential students during the admission process.  This guide is a valuable resource for all high school students.  The guide can be found at:

This website is strictly an informational site trying to spread the word on online reputation management, especially for students.  Students and parents should have their eyes open as to how important it is to monitor their online presence when searching for their college of choice. 

Good to Know Information (from Google)


Digital Tips and Safety is an online forum aimed at educating, advising, counseling and all importantly, helping to stop bullying, in particular, cyber bullying.  (link will take you away from CUSD site)
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Articles: Cyberbullying and How Parents can Help their Children

Code of Conduct for Employee-Pupil Interactions

Coronado Unified School District is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for all students. While the District encourages the cultivation of positive relationships with students, employees are reminded to be mindful of the fine line drawn between being supportive of students and a possible or perceived breach of responsible, ethical behavior.  Click here to view CUSD's Code of Conduct for Employee-Pupil Interactions.

Character Counts: Six Pillars of Character

The Character Counts program has been adopted by CUSD and is taught in all classes grades K-12.  This program aims to develop an increase in ethical commitment, competence, and practice in all segments of society.  Character Counts: Six Pillars of Character (link will take you away from CUSD site)