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Welcome to the Learning Department!

We oversee all aspects related to learning and teaching within the Coronado Unified School District.

The Learning Department oversees many areas in CUSD related to teaching and learning, including curriculum coordination and assessment for preschool through 12th grade (see organizational chart below).  We also are the primary mechanism that ensures that the Coronado Unified School District meets and exceeds all state and federal compliance requirements. To accomplish all of this we invest heavily in strategic planning through the involvement of teachers and administration. 
Most importantly, our role is to enable our staff to teach at the highest levels. To this end we work closely with principals and teachers in making sure that teachers have what they need, such as adopted state course curriculum, instructional resources, and access to professional learning. As the role of technology in the classroom expands so does the importance of our Technology Department.  We work closely with them to facilitate day-to-day needs as well as special projects such as annual assessments. We act as the synchronization mechanism that enables all types of learning at the Coronado Unified School District.
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Focus on Student Centered Learning 

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Learning Department Organization

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Contact Us

Megan Battle
Senior Director of Learning
(619) 522-8900 ex1014
Julia Braga
Teacher on Special Assignment - ELA/ELD
(619) 522-8900 ex1024
Kristen Caputo
Teacher on Special Assignment - Secondary STEM
(619) 522-8900 ex 2110
Kelley Englehart
Information System Technician
(619) 522-8900 ex1017
Stacy Morrissey
Teacher on Special Assignment - Math/Science
(619) 522-8900 ex1097
Julie Salvatierra
Senior Administrative Assistant
(619) 522-8900 ex1014
Sarah Yakutis
Teacher on Special Assignment - Elementary STEM
(619)522-8900 ex1041